ScentaMist Cruise Diffuser - Auto

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Presenting our stylish black Wireless ScentaMist Cruise diffuser, made for the car, and seamlessly designed to fit into your cup holder with ease.   Harnessing cutting-edge cold-air diffusion technology, this device transforms fragrance oil into a dry nano-mist, ensuring an extended and effective release of scent without the need for heat or water. Safeguarding the therapeutic properties of our fragrance oils, this innovative diffuser preserves its original scent. With advanced atomization technology, it leaves no residue and is safe for both children and pets, offering a sophisticated and reliable fragrance experience for your car.


  • Rechargeable, portable, and wire-free.
  • Dry Mist leaves no residue
  • The heatless and waterless atomizer technology safeguards the integrity of fragrance oils, ensuring that your fragrance lasts longer.

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