3D Galaxy Warmer & Fragrance Oil Bundle

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This bundle includes the following:

3D Colorful Galaxy Warmer

  • A large 3D glass galaxy design is topped with a transparent glass lid.  It gently warms the oil, releasing aromatic scents that fill an entire room
  • Night light Function that illuminates the home, office, bedroom, baby room, or living area
  • The bulb act as the heating source so the temperature is stable so there is no flame or soot residue

3D Colorful Galaxy Plug-In

  • This warmer plugs directly into an outlet and can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base. 
  • Simply plug in the power, turn the switch on, pour in a few capfuls of your favorite Scentable Selections fragrance and it will soon create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. 

Three Scentable Selections Premium Fragrance Oils

  • Cherry Bomb Pop A serious cherry explosion! A multilayered blend of cherry, grape, vanilla, and several light musks! Smells like a cherry bomb pop or cherry jolly rancher.
  • April Fresh You will love our version of this popular Fabric Softener Scent. The sweet orange accents add sparkle to this floral blend. Lush fern mixed with a touch of rose. Jasmine and lilac are also at the heart of this fragrance.  
  • Bourbon Caramel This scent smells of aged bourbon with sweet, soft caramel. This is one of my favorites.  

About Our Fragrance Oils

Scentable Selections Fragrance Oils are highly concentrated.  They are uncut without any additives that will water the fragrance down.

These oils are so versatile and can be used in an oil warmer to fill your home with a nice fragrance or as a body oil to be used the same as you'd use your favorite perfume or cologne. The scents are long-lasting and are sure to become favorites in your collection!

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